Mongolia Care was established in 2005 in response to the desperate needs among the growing numbers of poor and homeless in Mongolia.


Following the fall of Communism across Eastern Europe in the early 90’s, life for many Mongolians became extremely difficult. Inflation was running at over 300% and unemployment at over 30% and as a result, large numbers found it difficult to provide for even basic necessities of food and shelter. Social security was non-existent and in order to survive many previously upstanding Mongolian citizens resorted to crime and violence in order to survive and provide for their families.


The comment “a starving man has no conscience” was so applicable in Mongolia. Prisons became overflowing as the crime rate soured to unprecedented levels.


Sadly for many of those prisoners being released it was only a matter of weeks before they were back inside for committing the same crimes in order to survive. 


Even today, there is still no social security and many individuals and entire families are forced to live on the streets and beg, steal or resort to violence in order to exist.

The only place to survive the freezing winters, where the temperature plummets to minus 40 degrees centigrade, is in what is known as ‘the underground’ where the steam pipes run from the central pumping station, to provide heating to the homes of those wealthy enough to pay. Conditions in the underground are horrid to say the least, and sadly many Mongolians die each year as a result of hypothermia, malnutrition, infection and disease. 


Over the past few years MongoliaCare has been making a difference to many individuals and families caught in this ‘poverty trap.’ Along with providing them warm gurs and basic food items, we provide them with ‘work skills and life skills’ in a community environment, to restore their confidence and sense of self worth. This provides them a means to earn a small income, with a view to them eventually breaking free and becoming independent worthwhile citizens of Mongolia.


We have purchased a 2330 m2 property on the outskirts of the capital UlaanBator in what is known as Gur district. We now have nine gurs erected as well as a small one bedroom home, which houses the families and individuals. In addition, we have a heated meeting room and a all-weather, central insulated workshop. The site caters for 50 people including children and new ablutions have been completed to meet these requirements. All of the gurs, workshop, toilets and furniture have all been built by the workers and they have now been contracted to build gurs and furniture for other Non Government Organisations within Mongolia.


The Director of the project was himself an ex-prisoner who experienced first hand the challenges of trying to make a fresh start and had been back into prison 5 times in different cities over a period of 8 years before he was given his break. One day a total stranger offered to help him, by giving him a roof over his head, some work skills, employment and copious amounts of encouragement. Over the last 10 years he has risen up to become a respected leader in Mongolia with a real desire to assist others in the same plight.

Mongolia Care was established in 2005 in response to the desperate needs among the growing numbers of poor and homeless in Mongolia.

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